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CNEW International Pte Ltd is an international company providing leadership and personal development solutions. It was established in 2009 in Singapore and opened its office in Beijing in April 2017. Taking advantage of 40+ years of proven leadership curriculum with the #1 Leadership Mentor John C. Maxwell, we are equipped with the very best leadership skills, tools and resources to make our clients more successful in life and in business. Globally, we are a community of over 14,000 Team Members from every age group, every stage of life, and from every industry and over 140 countries.

CNEW is privileged to partner with local leading universities and associates with the aim to develop and achieve the three areas:

1.Our vision is to raise the bar for business leaders, by equipping them with higher skills relevant in this decade and the next, so that they can become strategic partners of business leaders by executing impactful and innovative people strategies. This has a strategic impact in ensuring the human capital continue to sharpen the competitive edge for China’s economy

2.CNEW programs are targeted at executives, managers, business owners and entrepreneurs, as well as working professional who need to upgrade their skills in order to stay on competitive

3.Providing leverage with Singapore and international modern management concepts and principles, deep exercise and industry knowledge, we aim to build a strong business community, raise standards across the board, and intend to work closely with key stakeholders— the government, the union, business and qualification providers, to help China fulfil the ambition of internationalization and globalization.

Our Mission
CNEW has the goal of enabling leadership excellence and human capital development in enterprises. Through the CNEW Certification and customised programs, CNEW aims to enhance the competencies of business leaders, as well as to create developmental and professional pathways for them. This will professionalise and strengthen the business practice in the world, allowing business leaders to be key enablers in their organisations.

Our Impact

CNEW compels business leaders and entrepreneurs to inspire, challenge, and equip organisations to live out leadership and reach their potential. CNEW develops and customised curriculum for businesses of all sizes and impacts industries locally, nationally and globally.

From coaching to public events and on-site workshops, each solution we provide inspires and challenges you not just to learn but to lead with excellence. All of our curriculum can be customised to specifically address your organisational, cultural, and leadership challenges. It also offers numerous programs for individuals seeking to grow themselves personally.

This proven material and tested process have been established six million leaders in 196 countries and seen hundreds of thousands of lives changed.

Our Goals

1. To develop and provide quality leadership and personal development programs

2. To provide mentoring, consultancy services and customised training program in leadership and personal development

3. To provide platforms for sharing and networking in order to foster leadership development

4. To establish links and partnership with other business organisations, communities locally and regionally

5. To transform businesses one at a time

Together, we have the great privilege of changing the lives of people around the world in a numerous way.

Why We Are Different
Against the backdrop of rapid business environment changed, it is essential that organisations develop their human capital, so they can be future-ready and thrive amid economic shifts.

Business leaders are the enablers who will help organisations rising to meet these challenges. However, in order to be successful, business leaders have to be themselves future-ready, focusing on maximising human capital and contribute to business growth.

CNEW aims to equip business leaders and their organisations with progressive and forward-looking people practices to meet these challenges.

Membership Plans
  • $29.00 / Monthly (from date subscribed) Mentorship with Elaine Zhou
    Mentorship with Elaine Zhou

    The earlier you discover and live on your purpose, the better life you have in the area of Relationship, Career and Business, and Personal Fulfillment. I often hear my audiences and clients say "God, how wish I could know this earlier!"

    As a professional coach, speaker and mentor myself, both personally and professionally, I believe there is no greater joy than seeing others blossom, grow and reach their potential.

    I created a legacy program is called Mentorship with Elaine Zhou. I’m going to teach 100 people everything I know, It’s my chance to give back to others, and to honor the many wonderful people, like John Maxwell, Wayne Dyer, Michael Griffin and more, who have helped me in my own life.

    Things you should know:

    1) It’s 6 weeks with Elaine in person.
    2) Processes and applications are ongoing to support.
    3) All are welcome to apply! I will be personally selecting 50 total individuals to participate.
    4) Practice what you learned and help other people around you to grow and become the person they are created to be.

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  • 8 Sep 2017

    Dear Members, Thank you for staying with us and following us. We are looking forward to seeing you in person in one of our events. ... read more Dear Members, Thank you for staying with us and following us. We are looking forward to seeing you in person in one of our events. Join us our upcoming FREE workshop on 15th Sep (Friday) at 12pm-2pm Look forward to seeing you and all the best! CNEW Team show less