Elaine Zhou
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International Leadership Speaker, Coach, Teacher
Founder & Group CEO of
CNEW Group Pte Ltd
China New Entrepreneur Wisdom (Beijing) Ltd
Director of International Training Department, National Associate of Trade and Commerce, Beijing

Elaine at a Glance...
• High energy level to keep participants enthusiastic, on-track and results-focused
• Help the group excel as a team
• Effectively manages individual and group dysfunctions
• Uses a proven approach for success
• Has many repeat clients and regular referrals
• Respects the expectation of being a neutral party
• Will offer advice and recommendations if/when that is part of the assignment; otherwise provides neutral services
• Extensive experience working with strong personalities including appointed officials and executives
• Able to shift gears quickly to adapt to changing situations

Her specific skills include leadership capability development, speaking for influence, high performing team development and professional facilitation, the design and delivery of training programs, coachings and speakings.

She has designed and presented hundreds of training programs for community leaders, executive and youth leadership groups, business owners, staff, and volunteers. Her programs are designed to improve operations and relations within organizations, as well as prepare organization to attract and retain quality businesses.

She brings over ten year’s experience in business strategy, organization transformation, human capital, talent management and leadership development. She has been worked since 2006 with leading organizations across Asia in a broad range of industries inducing manufacturing, oil and gas, retail and servicing sector. She is considered a thought leader on leadership and human capital related issues. Most of the clients she is working with are Fortune 500 companies, state-owned, educational institutions and ministries. She trains and coaches regionally in China, Singapore and Malaysia.

Connect with Elaine on:
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/elaine-zhou/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/NewRichBuilder/

Membership Plans
  • $29.00 / Monthly (from date subscribed) Mentorship with Elaine Zhou
    Mentorship with Elaine Zhou

    The earlier you discover and live on your purpose, the better life you have in the area of Relationship, Career and Business, and Personal Fulfillment. I often hear my audiences and clients say "God, how wish I could know this earlier!"

    As a professional coach, speaker and mentor myself, both personally and professionally, I believe there is no greater joy than seeing others blossom, grow and reach their potential.

    I created a legacy program is called Mentorship with Elaine Zhou. I’m going to teach 100 people everything I know, It’s my chance to give back to others, and to honor the many wonderful people, like John Maxwell, Wayne Dyer, Michael Griffin and more, who have helped me in my own life.

    Things you should know:

    1) It’s 6 weeks with Elaine in person.
    2) Processes and applications are ongoing to support.
    3) All are welcome to apply! I will be personally selecting 50 total individuals to participate.
    4) Practice what you learned and help other people around you to grow and become the person they are created to be.

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